Kannada actor Ganesh movies list Golden star Biography profile Height

Nick NameGolden star
Date of BirthJuly 2, 1977
Birth PlaceBangalore, Karnataka
Star SignCancer
Eye colourBrown
BrothersMahesh, Umesh [younger]
ChildrenOne daughter
Schoool Days Bangalore
College Days Diploma in Electronics, Bangalore
Hobbies Watching movies
ProfessionActor, Producer
Debut movie_________________Tapori____________________

Interesting facts about Ganesh

# His blockbuster Mungaru Male released in 2007 earnined more than Rs 75 crores and is considered as one of the biggest hits in South Indian cinema.
Most of the people think his first movie to be Chellata but his kannada debut was in Tapori as a villain.

# His first telefilm Guttu, which was directed by female director, Priyabharati Joshi, an NRI. It was a great loss for the producers.

# He was a TV artist before doing films and his most popular television program was 'Comedy Time' on Udaya TV.

# Although Ganesh acted in many films earlier to Mungaru Male it was this film which brought him fame, success, money and huge fan base.

# His 5 requests to god Terrorism-free life, world peace, good environment, education for all children, more hits for his films

# Though he was offered many projects in other languages immediately after Mungaru Male he decided to stick to Kannada films.
He married his girlfriend Shilpa Barkur on February 11, 2008. At that time some of his female fans threatened suicide.

# He is known as 'Golden Star' and comedy time Ganesh.

# He was born in Adakamaranahalli near Nelamangala town, Bangalore, Karnataka.

Ganesh Quotes

# “I am a Kannadiga and I am proud to be one.”

# “Mungaru Male is the effort of teamwork. Nobody is solely responsible for the success of the film. Everybody involved deserves equal credit.”

# “My favourite scene in Mungaru Male is with the rabbit. As a matter of fact, I have kept that rabbit with me after shooting for the film.”

# “I don't have any favourites in the Kannada film industry. I like all actors.”

# “Personally, I don’t like remakes. I like straight films and I will try to produce the same under my banner. But acting is my profession and if somebody comes with a remake, which has good storyline and commercial elements, I will accept it.”

# "For me, every film is a dream project, every film a dream film, every actor a dream actor and every director a dream director. I face each project with a fresh mind - like it truly is a new project.”

# “I don't have any kind of special affinity for comedy or action roles. I am an entertainer. I am willing to go to any length to give my best performance yet. I want to be a versatile actor. I do not want to be stereotyped, playing this or that kind of role.”

# “I’m an actor and I will do my work honestly and that’s all. Rest is left to the audience. What I feel is film industry is a gambling. Nobody can predict success and failure. We can just hope that a movie will be successful.”

# “My first film was Tapori in which I played a negative role, that of a villain. My movies after that were all side roles. Mungaru Male is my fifteenth film.”

kannada actor Ganesh Movies list (Lead role)

12006ChellataM. D. ShidharGurukiranRekha, Devaraj, Komal Kumar, Avinash
2-Mungaru MaleYograj BhatMano MurthyPooja Gandhi, Ananth Nag
32007HudugaataSanjay KJassie GiftRekha, Komal, Avinash
4-Cheluvina ChittaraS. NarayanMano MurthyAmoolya, Komal Kumar
5-KrishnaM.D. SridharHarikrishnaPooja Gandhi, Sharmila Mandre
62008GaalipataYograj BhatV. HarikrishnaDaisy Bopanna, Anant Nag, Diganth
7-AramaneNagashekharGurukiranRoma, Anantnag
8-BombaatD. Rajendra BabuMano MurthyRamya, Avinash
9-SangamaRavi VermaDevi Sri PrasadVedhika, Rangayana Raghu
102009CircusDayal PadmanabhanEmilArchana Gupta, Avinash Bharadwaj
11-Ullasa UtsahaDevaraja PalanG. V. Prakash KumarYami Gautam, Rangayana Raghu
122010Maleyali JotheyaliPreetham GubbiV. HarikrishnaAnjana Sukhani, Yuvika Chaudhary
13-Eno OntharaMussanje MaheshV HarikrishnaPriyamani, Jai Jagadish
142011Maduve ManeSunil Kumar SinghManikant Kadri-

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Kannada actor Darshan movies list Best films

Kannada actor Darshan Tugudeep movies list

Neenandre Ishta
Laali Haadu
Lankesh Patrike
Kushalave Kshemave ,
Namma Preethiya Ramu ,
Darshan ,Dharma ,
Kalasipalya ,
sardara ,
Bhagwan ,
Daasa ,
Annavru ,
Shashtri ,
Ayya ,
Swamy ,
Mandya ,
Suntaragaali ,
Datta ,
Jothe Jotheyali ,
Arasu ,
Snehana Preethina ,
Anaatharu ,
Ee Bandhana ,
Gaja ,
Indra ,
Arjun ,
Navagraha ,
Yodha ,
Porki ,
Sarathi ,
Sangolli Rayanna

Kannada actor Darshan profile Darshan Tugudeep Biography / Biodata

Kannada actor Darshan profile

Actor Darshan born on 16th Feb 1977. His birth place is Mysore which is considered as cultural capital of karnataka. He is also known by different names like Knock-out star, Challenging star and Action king. At present he is both acting and producing kannada movies.

Darshan Tugudeep family

Darshan Thoogudeep is a famous actor in kannada industry. His father Thoogudeepa Srinivas was a known celebrity in kannada industry. He was one of the dominating actors during Rajkumar era. Mainly he was doing negative roles. His mother Meena Thoogudeepa was a house wife. He has a brother named Dinakar Thoogudeep who is a director. Darshan married his far relative Vijayalakshmi in 2000 .

Darshan's Early career

He struggled too much before becoming an actor to reach his current status. He is the Challenging star of kannada industry. Earlier to films he was doing TV shows and serials. His debut kannada movie was Majestic. Darshan and Rakshita are considered a great on scren couple in kannada movies, as almost all movies starring them were a hit. His career was further strengthened by the rebel star Ambarish who is a close friend and god father.

Darshan Hit movies list

Majestic, Kariya, Lankesh Patrike, Gaja, Navagraha are his main hit movies