Share market execution rules

1) Top Gain and loss: If loss in row and today profit then predict tomorro up.

2) Compare monthly avg with current price if monthly is higher then company is sinking. But if today up and doing well in News and balance sheet then go for it

3) See chart of share and be swing trade. Even in day swing also...!! first day mistake..!?

4) Search in Latest news and Buy advice of broking companies to spot TREND..!!

Short sell :

Most short-term investors try to make money by shorting the big companies – the market leaders. They figure that bad news generally will affect them first – since they are most widely known.

This is a very bad investing idea. Our method is to short the most vulnerable, problem-laden stocks we can find. Why attempt the long shot when you’ve got an easy layup? There are plenty of companies with serious problems and vulnerable share prices.

1. Chart ppc, trend line etc. Exe acco trend i.e if market positive never short and vice versa and very rarely in trend reversal situation.

2. Abc wave must. If break out or down wait for pause or pullback.

3. Fib must. In up trend wait for longest pull and vice versa

4. Congestion

5. Candle

6. In momentum pullback MUST MUST MUST..

7. Previous low or high watch care. S/R must

8. Global

9. Rsi and stoca

10. Buy / sell

11. Trade before or with people and not AFTER or when trend is OVER..!!

Things to look befoe exe in order of preferance :

a. Chart & candle [ 99 % imp and give time to analyse]

b. Global

c. RSI & Stochostics

d. Buy / sell

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